Citing Web Pages with BibTeX

When writing reports I frequently want to include references to web pages of organizations and alike into the bibliography. Unfortunately BibTeX does not have a proper entry type for web pages up to date, but there is a whole selection of workarounds. I finally settled for using the natbib package with @MISC entries. Overall I made the following adjustments to my documents:

Including the natbib package and the unsrtnat bibliography style.
[code lang=”latex”]


Example for a @MISC entry:

[code lang=”bibtex”]
author = {{Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services}},
title = {{EHR Incentive Programs}},
month = aug,
year = {2011},
url = {}

Setting the reference with \cite{Medicare2011} finally yields this result:
Note that natbib allows you a wide variety of citation styles via the \citet and \citep commands, but for simple number references and a display of the URL field in @MISC entries the above will do just fine.